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Part 3 of To Love Somebody Cover Versions

The Cure meets Procol Harum meets Duran Duran. This fabulous gloomy swamp-rock version was recorded by Gallon Drunk, a band from London, as their single in 1997.

Too bad the recorded version by Dusty Springfield will never be heard by the rest of the world since it was burned in the Atlantic Records 1978 fire. But this BBC live recording is enough to show what a marvelous version she’d made.

“To Love Somebody” in reggae? Why not? Especially if it’s as groovy as the version recorded by Busty Brown and the Upsetters.

In 1968, P.P. Arnold recorded her cover of this Bee Gees hit. Her soul-blues version still sounds amazing even to this day. Listening to her vocal in this song, somehow it just feels right.

Hope you enjoyed it. You may share it if you like.

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