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7 Great Theme Songs from Various Eras (Superb Soundtracky Saturday)

Movies have soundtracks and TV series have theme songs, and some of them are so great and memorable that (in some cases) they might outlive the series. I mean it would be a lot easier to recollect a 40-60 seconds tune than a whole 30- or 60-minute episode, and the thing about a great theme is that 40-60 seconds could render the big picture, the suspense or hilarity or the excitement, of the series that comes with it.
Green Hornet
Al Hirt made a fabulous rendition of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's “Flight of the Bumblebee,” which initially used for the radio series. Such intensity and pace in the trumpet solo, makes you wanna do some Bruce Lee stuff.

There are many great western soundtracks and theme songs. However, Jay Livingston and Ray Evans had succeeded in making more than that. This tune is easily memorable and just sticks there in your head.
Hawaii Five-0
The popularity it gains among marching bands and how it becomes the (unofficial) fight song of the University of Hawaii pretty much portray how great Morton Stevens’s composition—performed by The Ventures—is.
Gilmore Girls (Where You Lead, performed by Carole King)
“Life's short. Talk Fast”, that’s the tagline of this TV series and (suitably) the “motto” of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. While the calm character of this song is the opposite of the fast-paced dialogue, it captures the mother and daughter relationship vividly.
Mission Impossible
Personally, I think Lalo Schifrin had done a marvelous job in composing such tune that can represent rush, tension, or in short, nick-of-time kind of situation. It’s a brilliant exclamation mark for the title of the series.
The A-Team
Imagine them heading to a mission with Hannibal smirking with a cigar in his mouth, Face trying his best to keep his cool as usual, Murdock lively making nonsensical remarks behind a chopper cockpit, and B.A. sleeping like a baby after one of his comrades gave him the “pre-flight” medication.
That ‘70s Show (“In the Street,” performed by Todd Griffin)
A bunch of teenagers of the seventies in Wisconsin. Nothing much to do. Just hanging out, having fun, drinking beers (when their parents aren’t around), and making love (when they can). This (version) is just the perfect theme song for that.

I won’t say that the ones I listed here are the greatest but they are great nonetheless. If you have your own favorites, feel free to share them here.
Hope you enjoyed it. You may share it if you like.

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