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The Best Versions of Bee Gees Most Covered Song

On 20 May, 2012, another one of the three brothers that has been so influential in pop music history in the last sixty years passed away. Robin Gibb, the co-founder of Bee Gees, died at 62. He died nine years after the death of his twin brother and another Bee Gees co-founder, Maurice. Based on this site, along with their brother Barry, the two aforementioned has wrote, either personally or in collaboration, nearly one thousand songs between 1958 and 2009.

The "Brothers Gibb" started their music career in Australia around 1958, under many names including Rattlesnake. Entering the sixties, they started to use the name Bee Gees, but they found it hard to make a break there, so they decided to return to England in 1966. In 1967, the Gibb brothers finally made that huge step into pop music world when they released “To Love Somebody,” originally written by Otis Redding. This single became the song that actually opened the door to fame and fortune for them, and over the years, it becomes the most covered Bee Gees song.

From 1968 until now, numerous artists and bands had recorded or performed their covers for this song. Just one year after the original version was released, P.P. Arnold and The Animals released their own recorded versions. The most recent notable cover is probably by Bill Corgan, former Smashing Pumpkins front-man, in 2005. Taking into account the number of the cover versions made and how they are come from artists from various genres and periods of time, we can say that “To Love Somebody” is one of Bee Gees’ greatest and most influential songs in their career, and maybe in music history.

Bee Gees Original Version of To Love Somebody

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