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Some Disco-Garage Dance with Douet Mauet’s (Awesome Twosome #001)

Douet Mauet's for Awesome Twosome
I’ll start this no-it’s-not-about-candies Awesome Twosome with something closer from home. Douet Mauet's is an indie band from Bogor, a city in West Java, and as clearly implied in their name (douet), it is a two-piece band. Who are they? To say it in plain, they are Ery Treeanto (drums) and Poppie Airil (guitar and vocals). However, in their account, they make a pretty interesting description about themselves.

a japanese seductress super daddy met wet vegetables baby boy that popped up wif the lo-fi not pretty much man sounds look-a-like. trigger as in crunch and disturbing drum’s fill in, mingled to be harmonic 70s disco over tempo in the begining. and so on. recently… more bluesy avant garde riff mix wif exploited dancey hit.
salam sukacita!
Another picture of Douet Mauet's
It’s okay if you don’t quite get what they say, me too. But I do get their music for sure. They mentioned some styles for their music, including 2-step, disco, and dance punk. I, personally, might call it disco-garage, and at just the right dose, listening to Douet Mauet’s can be a fun body-shaking time.

Too bad, it seems that this duo no longer active, at least that's how I get it based on the activities in their accounts on some sites—the last date is from two years ago. They never released an album either, but their most famous and best single made it into a compilation by local music magazines. Dancing Dandy Didudam is a groovy half-disco-half-garage song. No wonder it becomes the mostly played track at their myspace page.

Well, I just hope this two-piece band make their comeback someday—would be more awesome if they do it with richer beat patterns and tempo variations, which will be great for independent music scene in Indonesia.

Douet Mauet’s - Dancing Dandy Didudam

Awesome Twosome is dedicated to awesome two-piece bands (really two-piece bands, without additional musicians on stage) and two-chord songs. If you have your own favorites, share them with me. I might post them here. Thanks.
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