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Fire, Woodstock, and “Burning Desire” (Best Cover Versions for Music Monday)

Original Artist: The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Cover by Red Hot Chili Peppers

“I have only one burning desire/ Let me stand next to your fire!”…and two occasions of the indisputably most phenomenal music festival in America got burned by/with this song. In the original Woodstock 69, Jimi Hendrix and his Experience band electrified thousands of audience with this song. 30 years later in Woodstock 99, Red Hot Chili Peppers performed that very song and did more or less the same as what Hendrix did.
The crowd was not as big as the previous two days (which had peaked to 400.000), but still there were around 30-40.000 of people sat on the wet ground, passionately absorbed the awesome music as the king of Stratocaster blasted crunchy and soulful sound from the stage. This is the kind of scenery that really makes me want to have a time machine! The band’s performance was fantastic in this number. Jimi’s wild guitar exploration, Mitchell’s precision drumming, and solid groovy bass from Billy Cox. The Jimi Hendrix experience was the last performer on the third (and half) day and they made one hell of a burning end to that iconic music festival.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

A rockin band palying rockin music with a naked green-headed bass player. That should sums up Red Hot Chili Peppers’ act as they became the final performer in Woodstock 99. Originally recorded as part of their Mother’s Milk album, this band was wise enough to leave the original riffs, beat, energy, everything, as is. Their choice to end their set and also the whole festival with Fire was brilliant. It was…energizing. Exactly the kind of thing I need to kick-start this week…and rekindle the “burning desire” in reviving this blog.

“Oh, move over Mr. Rover, and let Mr. Frusciante take over!”

Red Hot Chilli Pepper 
(Caution: This video contains nudity) 

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