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Best Silly Versions (Music Monday)

Two of Us
Original Version: The Beatles
Silly Version: The Beatles
Original Version: Kurt Cobain
(I think even the other Nirvana members would never want to participate in this song).

Silly Version: ??? (If you’ve heard the song, I’m sure you won’t even ask.)

Okay. At least for an hour or two, I would take a break from that I-love-it-but-I-never-guessed-that-it-could-kill-me-when-it-comes-in-that-amount-of-abundance work. Besides the needs of keeping this blog a little bit alive, I could really use some laugh. And who knows, maybe some of you need it too to counter that “I hate Mondays” syndrome. So, here we go.

Written by Paul McCartney and was recorded for the Fab Four’s final album, Let It be. The rehearsals and recording sessions for that album starting from January 1969 and at that time probably the relationship among four of them was at one of the lowest points.

“Matters came to a head on 6 January, when Harrison had a heated argument with McCartney during a rehearsal of "Two of Us"…What is not shown in the film is another, allegedly much more severe argument Harrison had with Lennon on 10 January.” (From

Yet, from that last and not so cheery times of the greatest band ever existed, there are great and fun stuffs, which probably took place in those rare “alright, let’s do it” moments, when everything’s just clicked, when they seemed to enjoy each other's company and performance as their most true band mates. And these videos are some of those rare moments.

Silly Version

Less Silly Version
One of the comments at YouTube says: Paulvis Presley. LOL! And look the way John stormed his guitar like Slash!


The first time I heard this song from their latest box set With the Lights Out couple of years ago, my first and only reaction was, “What the...!!! My biggest and coolest idol sounds like a retard!” Then I replayed it. Then I started to laugh.

I don’t know what kind of recording technique Kurt Cobain used to sound like someone who is either half Alvin or having too much helium. But during his younger days he was quite “an expert” in dealing with tape-recording himself, like making mix-tape copies or demos, so I won’t be too surprised if he actually recorded this one by himself (added with the possibility that Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic were reluctant should Kurt ever told them the concept of this song).

Original Version
No kidding here. Though the video is fan made, this is the original that is officially released as a part of their box set. And as far as I know, it is the only version ever released.

Silly Version

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