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Beastie Boys Special (Music Monday)

Adam Yauch with Beastie Boys

A photo of Adam Yauch in his younger days
R.I.P. Adam “MCA” Yauch

My introduction to this rap/hip hop trio happened around 1996. It was during that alternative boom when I bought a compilation entitled “Pop is Dead 2”. In that album, among others, there were Blur’s Charmless Man, Babylon Zoo’s Spaceman, a Billie Jean cover (by the Bates, if I’m not mistaken), and Sure Shot by Beastie Boys. At that time I was all out looking for distorted guitar sound, but when I heard that cool flute sample in the intro of Sure Shot and then came that great beats, I loved it right away. Some time later, I came across Beastie Boys' Sabotage clip. What an awesome clip! It turned out that both songs came from the same album, Ill Communication, which is their fourth studio album.

Couple of years later, this time in my “adventure” with Rage Against the Machine, I read something about Tibetan Freedom Concert and Beastie Boys name was listed among the other performers. Adam “MCA” Yauch, one of the original co-founder of this rap trio, was a Buddhist and it was his band who organized this series of music festival. From some articles I read, it seems that for Adam Yauch Buddhism, spiritual journey, and freedom of Tibet were not just some bull crap to raise controversy or attention. He truly believed in them.

A photo of Adam Yauch's interview with Dalai Lama

Adam “MCA” Yauch had met and interviewed Dalai Lama (who personally expressed his condolences following Yauch’s death), backpacked to Nepal to meet Tibetan refugees, founded the Milarepa Fund, and spoke out for the Tibet independence in a China-Tibet conference. As a musician, Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys will always be remembered as a legend with big influence in rap/hip hop, and music in general. As a person, he will be remembered and honored as a great man with a big heart.

Sure Shot


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