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Music Monday: Best Cover Versions - Making Believe

Making Believe
Original Artist: Jimmy Work
Cover Versions by Kitty Wells, Social Distortion, Cat Power

First of all, I gotta say that it might be the worst MM I make, because I CAN'T GET THE ORIGINAL VERSION FOR THIS SONG!! It is such a big shame (a sin) that there's no "proper commemoration" for an artist with such great song in YouTube. Despite my curiosity and (a little bit obssesive) search I done, I still can't get Jimmy Work's version. I even can't get the mp3, because...none is downloadable for free. So, no original artist...

Jimmy Work was a country singer around mid 40's to 50's, born in Ohio, then moved to Tennessee, and started his professional music career in Michigan 1949. He tried to work his way in the industry, made couple of records but it was in 1955 that he finally got his popular and chart success, when he wrote and recorded Making Believe...But, soon his version (which also means his success and popularity) was overshadowed by Kitty the same year!

Kitty Wells, born Ellen Muriel Deason, is a great (probably one of the greatest) country female singer who reached her golden era around 50's to 60's. As stated in Wikipedia, according to Joel Whitburn's book The Top 40 Country Hits, she is one of the most successful female vocalists in Billboard country chart. Her music career started when she performed with her sisters in local radio station in 1936. Her first step as recording artist was made in 1949, and this lead her way to do a recording of her marvelous version for Making Believe in 1955 as a single. Which quickly become hit and "pushed aside" Jimmy Work. So, her great version is the closest that I can get to the original version.
Kitty Wells

It was Social Distortion who first introduced me to this song. This American punk rock band recorded and released this number as part of their 1992 album Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell. Maybe it sounds strange that a punk band recorded such song, but Social Distortion indeed has a strong influence from old country and folk musicians, they also did a cover of Johny Cash's Ring of Fire. It's not because the fact that I knew theirs first when I say their version is great, but because they actually did an awesome work in "punkenizing" this song.
Social Distortion

Then, maybe only a year ago, I found another fabulous version by Charlyn Marie Marshall, also known as Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power (her stage name). She started her career in 90's, but maybe because she  worked (mostly) as indie artist and due to her alcohol problem, she reached her success only recently in the mid 2000's. I love her breathy and raw voice, which she "applies" really well in making an outstanding slow ballad version of Making Believe. (But this song is not listed in her discography, so assume this version is not part of any of her albums).
Cat Power

I hope you could still enjoy this late and "incomplete" MM of mine.

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